Wyoming Tourism Industry Master Plan 2020

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Wyoming Tourism Industry Master plan is to present a comprehensive view of Wyoming’s collective tourism needs over the next ten years, both man-made and natural, and includes state, federal, local, private and/or non-profit initiatives. The key driver in the master plan is to maintain/increase expenditures, employment and tax revenues related to Wyoming tourism. By fully implementing the plan and its recommendations WOT will have the potential to achieve the following by 2020:

»  Increase the travel expenditures to the State of Wyoming from travelers by 6% annually, from $2.6 billion in 2010 to over $4.6 million by 2020

»  Increase the number of jobs related to the travel industry by 3% annually, from 29,100 jobs in 2010 to over 41,500 jobs in 2020

»  Increase local and state tax revenues driven by the travel & tourism industry by 6% annually, from $108 million in 2010 to over $200 million in 2020

Recommendations Summary

The Wyoming Tourism Industry Master Plan 2020 has a total of 69 recommendations. Some of these recommendations were already started during the process in 2010, product development has been a key area for review in 2011 and others will be addressed between now and 2020. Because of the size and complexity of the issues, some will be acted on throughout the life of the plan and some will need additional resources to be completed. For an summary of the recommendations
please click here: RECOMMENDATIONS SUMMARY .

Implementation Plan

The master plan will need to be flexible to achieve these goals for the Wyoming tourism industry. It will need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. It will need to change as the environment of the industry changes, not only within Wyoming but also changes that will come regionally, nationally and globally. The ability to be successful will depend not only on the actions of state, federal and local governments but also from the private sector of Wyoming. The industry will need to stay engaged over the life of this plan and commit to seeing that the recommendations are considered and that proper resources and investment are made both from the private and public sectors. To review the implementation plan please click here:  IMPLEMENTATION PLAN.

For a full copy of the Wyoming Tourism Master Plan please click here: